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Ashley Palmer-Watts & The Fat Duck Hay-smoked Mackerel, Pickled Lemon and Pea Shoots

The humble mackerel is often overlooked in my opinion. Even many fishermen don’t value it because it is thought of as cheap and plentiful. I think it is extremely underrated as it is such a versatile fish to cook with and its flesh is perfect for curing. The smokiness imparted by burning the hay...

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Bath Pig Chorizo with Vegetables and Baked Eggs

This recipe came from a good friend Keith Dalton and his wife, Encarna. The couple live in southern Spain, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Keith used to help out at the Bath Pig, offering free advice, comment and the occasional family recipe. This one is based on a very traditional...

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Bellevue Tea Raspberry and Earl Grey Jellies

I grew up on a fruit farm so every summer was a soft fruit

bonanza. Nothing can compare to fruit freshly picked and eaten in the field. Good food was central to our household with lots of recipe books and cooking going on. We always ate well and soft fruit was always on the menu. We had a fruit...

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Ben Tish & Salt Yard Grilled Beef Bavette with Crispy Artichokes, Shallots and Horseradish

This is a great summery tapa that is easy to prepare and perfect for the barbecue. Bavette is the skirt, cut from the abdominal muscles, and gives great flavour to the dish. Fresh horseradish is far superior in natural flavour than the jarred variety, so do try to source some fresh horseradish if...

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Ben Tish & Salt Yard Roast Cod with Brown Shrimps, Crispy Asparagus and Sea Purslane

This is a lovely dish. Try to get the cod from a sustainable source, such as Alaska, and you can usually get the cooked brown shrimps from a fishmonger. If peeled, cooked brown shrimps prove elusive, you could use potted shrimps instead, removing as much of the butter as possible, or small...

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Cyrus Todiwala & Café Spice Namasté Kerala Crab Masala

I find that the sweetness of crab is best suited to this delicate Keralan recipe. Crab is popular all along India’s very vast coastline and crab dishes come in a million different styles and preparations. This is one of my very favourites. Brown crab works really well in this recipe too. You can...

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Cyrus Todiwala & Café Spice Namasté Masala Bhaat

The name of this recipe translates as masala rice, but this Maharashtrian speciality is much more than that. I grew up eating several versions in several different homes, each friend’s mother claiming to have the best grandma’s recipe. How could I not say to them all that each one was the best...

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David’s Chilli Oil Slow-cooked Oriental Crispy Pork Belly

This recipe was inspired by a love of oriental cooking and many happy visits to good Chinese restaurants. The wonderful combination of lusciously soft pork with crunchy crackling, and rice mixed with a delicious sauce, all then topped with fiery chilli oil, keeps me returning to...

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James Walters & The Arabica Food & Spice Company Pan-fried Sea Bass with Artichokes and Broad Beans

This dish reminds me of the sun blushed shores of the

Mediterranean. There are certain vegetables that seem to be made to go together and artichokes and broad beans, which come into season at around the same time, are one such pair.

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Jane Baxter & Riverford Organic Celeriac and Chestnut Pie

This recipe is based on one that Joyce Molyneux used to cook as a

vegetarian main course at the Carved Angel in Dartmouth when I was lucky enough to work there. It has developed over the years by the increasing addition of celeriac when celery was not around. Every year when I go home to...

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Liberation Brewery Grilled Oysters

The oysters are gratinated with a crisp mix of fresh herbs, savoury biscuit crumbs and Jersey Blue soft cheese. The creamy and slight tangy taste accentuates the salty ozone flavour of the Jersey oysters. This recipe also uses a continental style blonde ale as the base for a refreshing dressing.

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Patricia Michelson & La Fromagerie Omelette with Comté

The real secret of a great omelette is not just the eggs, nor the is really special. Making an omelette is an art, and one to be taken seriously. size of the pan, but actually the butter. The famous Omelette de la Mère Poulard from Normandy boasts whisking the yolks and whites separately and...

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Raymond Blanc & Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons Braised Beef in Red Wine with Jabugo Ham

The tiny village of Jabugo lies in the heart of the Spanish Sierra

de Aracena. Clean air and perfect climate mean that this area produces the best cured ham in the world. The authentic hams of Jabugo are cured for between 18 and 30 months and have a delicious grey-yellow fat with a soft, melting...

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Richard Bertinet’s Hot Cross Buns

I think its a shame that you can buy hot cross buns all year

round. They are such a treat – but more so when they are only around at Easter. There is something wonderful about making your own – rich in spice and fruit and a little sticky to the touch.I like to make a big batch and freeze some...

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The Anglesey Sea Salt Company Crunchy Pistachio and Spiced Sea Salt Chicken

This deliciously different way to serve chicken drumsticks would

be perfect for a supper dish, served with a baked potato and salad, or as part of a lunchbox. When my children were younger it used to be their Friday school treat, with celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and Little Gem lettuce hearts....

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The Really Garlicky Company Really Garlicky Chicken

This dish is traditionally known as chicken with forty cloves of garlic. Cooked in this way the garlic becomes mild and sweet, with a smooth, buttery texture. Serve it with creamy mashed potatoes to soak up the garlicky juices.

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The Spencerfield Spirit Company Christmas Cake

I may seem a little old-fashioned in that I don’t use a mixer but make my cake in a big mixing bowl – most modern mixers aren’t big enough to accommodate the ingredients of a big Christmas cake anyway, and it’s such a pain washing them. Our children have always liked to be included in any...

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