Biscuits and Snacks

About Popina

As her mother cooked and her grandmother baked, and they made pickles, preserves and jams together through the autumn months in Serbia, Isadora Popovic developed a love and understanding of food. This was all just a planted seed however, and she came to London to study contemporary art at Goldsmith College. The seed then germinated, started to grow and flourished into Popina. This to her is not a strange or unrelated trajectory: “I find cooking very like painting. You put the tastes together like applying colours. And there’s a wonderful range of tastes.” Her wonderful range of colours and tastes include unique sweet and savory tarts, biscuits, crackers and brownies which are “driven by generosity and imagination. Our creativity follows no rules, only one principle: authentic, original food.” “All our products are made daily from scratch. The ingredients we use are sourced for their quality from the UK and around the world. Organic stone ground English flour, English free range and organic eggs, organic British butter and organic raw cane sugar are components that in various combinations comprise the basis of all Popina creations.”

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