Hartland Pies & Scotch Eggs


About Hartland Pies & Scotch Eggs

The Hartland family has lived and baked in the Nottinghamshire village of Cotgrave for over fifty years, with successive generations of the Hartland family taking up the mixing spoon in pursuit of the perfect pie!

Masters in classic British pies, including the authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pie (DOP) the Hartlands are dedicated to bringing together the very best of traditional methods with new tastes, and at the heart of their philosophy is that the very best pies are a product of the very best ingredients.

The filling is made from meat that comes from animals that have lived and eaten well, cared for by people who understand the value of their welfare and the benefits of that care to great taste. The fruit and veg is always local, seasonal and freshly gathered when it’s at its best and bursting with flavour and texture. And for their pastry they use Heygate Flour, leading flour millers with a long tradition of using British cereals for fine British flour.

Together with their runny yolk scotch eggs, sausage rolls and crackling, this is proper great British food!

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