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About Cannon & Cannon

Cannon & Cannon showcase the best of British Charcuterie with a wonderful range of salamis and hams, made right here in the UK by artisan producers using top quality, high-welfare British pork. The UK has an increasing number of skilled, artisan producers employing the distinct advantage of great quality, home-grown British pork to cure salamis and hams to the highest standards, giving the Continent more than a run for their money! Cannon & Cannon’s range includes chorizo, wild boar salami, air-dried alpaca, wild venison chilli chorizo, Cornish beef and venison bresaola, cold-smoked mutton from Dorset, Welsh air-dried ham, Suffolk salami and lots more. If you love cured meat (and who doesn’t?), then you should try what is being produced here on your doorstep.

The British cheese making tradition goes back some 2000 years and alongside their cured meats, Cannon & Cannon are also representing the best of British Cheeses on the market. Thanks to the World Wars and an eagerness to industrialise, the UK did go through a bit of a wobble which almost killed off the British artisanal cheese industry, leaving very little more than slabs of processed, non-descript, tasteless, rubbery ‘cheddar’. Thankfully however, all was not lost and since the 1970’s we have been going through an ever stronger artisanal cheese revival and are now in the midst of a fully fledged renaissance of sorts. This is good news, as Farmhouse Cheddars, Cheshire, Caerphilly, Double Gloucester, Lancashire and Stilton are all contenders on the world stage!

Some examples of what to find include Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire, Lincolnshire Poacher, the wonderful Shipcord from Suffolk and a couple of Norfolk’s finest, Binham Blue and Gurney’s Gold

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