King’s Cross station opened to passengers on 14 October 1852, designed by Lewis Cubitt and was the largest railway station in Britain. Today the area is a serious transport hub and the Real Food Market proudly sits on King’s Cross Square at the front of the station, a buzzing public space right in the heart of London.

Operating every Tuesday–Friday the market is your convenient, one-stop shop of carefully selected, top-quality artisan food producers.

By buying from independent, responsible food producers who are invested in their product, you are helping support the local economy as well as the natural environment through sustainable food production, and you can know and trust its provenance and quality too.

TUESDAY 12.00-19.00 | WEDNESDAY 12.00-19.00 | THURSDAY 12.00-19.00 | FRIDAY 12.00-19.00
Kings Cross Square, in front of the station, along Euston Road N1C 9AL