Sugar, the bitter truth

The war against sugar is raging. This is welcome stuff. With mounting evidence against sugar as the main culprit of many public health problems – from cancer to diabetes- more and more scientists and public health authorities have finally been speaking up. Dr. Robert Lustig has been on the case for a while, and Dr Aseem Malhotra (who also published the report ‘Saturated fat is not the major issue’ in the British Medical Journal) and has launched a campaign group Action on Sugar, calling for sugar to be treated with the same regulations as tobacco.

So, as many have suspected for some time, we are now seeing the accepted dogma questioned; fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does, and -as is so often the case- all you really need to know or do is to avoid highly processed, overly sweetened food and drink peddled by multinationals… in short, stick to real food

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